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Selected Publication and Patents


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  • An engineer with more than 20 years experience in the metallurgical, chemical,  and gas industries;

  • Awarded four patents & applied for three patents;
  • Experienced in product development;
  • Skilled in commissioning, troubleshooting, inspecting, and technical support for the  metallurgical, chemical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, and the electronic equipment;

  • Skilled in the industrial and laboratory testing, data analysis and processing;

  • Experienced in the quality assurance/control;

  • Skilled in the CAD Software (Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Autocad);

  • Excellent communication, and interpersonal skills;

  • A self motivated  problem solver, a well organized, flexible and reliable person, a hard worker;

  • Multilingual: English and Russian. Excellent in Technical English - Russian text & drawings translations.


Self-employed, AE Technology Service, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2019 - PT

  • Hydraylic and electro-mechanical equipment servicing.


Science & Technology Developer, Hydro Pacific Pumps, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2016 - 2018
2008 - 2011

  • Developed a prototype for a polymer human-operated submersible pump for using in deep wells in some African countries;
  • Designed and developed the surface drive unit that powered the Hygr Fluid System for pumping fluids in the Water, Mining, Oil, and Gas Industries (well depth - 4000ft, operating pressure - 6000psi);
  • Performed the numerical analyses of the Hygr™ Fluid System;
  • Fulfilled the analyses and the optimization of the pipe lines under high pressure conditions.

Research Engineer, WeatherSolve Structures, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2012 - 2015

Provided R&D support for design and installation of the WeatherSolve Structures industrial windbreak fences for the steel plant in Saudi Arabia (height up to 100ft, max operating wind speed - 100MPH):
  • Developed testing procedures and performed tests of the WeatherSolve windbreak fence components;
  • Performed load test for the WeatherSolve windbreak fence;
  • Analyzed tension distribution in the WeatherSolve windbreak fence;
  • Designed the tools for the installation of the WeatherSolve Structure windbreak fence components.

Service Engineer, TOMRA Sorting Solution/CommodasUltrasort, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2011 - 2012

  • Commissioning, troubleshooting, inspecting, and engineering support of mining and sorting equipment.

Engineering Developer, Canam Aerospace, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2006 - 2007

  • Design of suspended equipment of helicopters using the  AutoDesk Inventor;
  • Developing, improving and documenting the  manufacturing processes;
  • Developed the test procedures;
  • Performed the quality assurance.


  • Designed and installed alumina feeding system to an electrolysis bath using vibrotechnique;
  • Studied physical and chemical processes of cryolite thermogranulation in a rotary kiln environment and mechanism for interaction of sodium-aluminum fluorides with compounds of sulfur and carbon;
  • Wrote regulations, specifications, schedules, technical reports, budgets, and control schedules;
  • Designed and installed a various metallurgical and chemical equipment;
  • Developed technology for utilizing fluoroanhydrite wastes;


  • Worked in Germany, USA, and Russia.


  • Ph. D, Chemical Process Engineering     

Thesis: Development of methods for preparation and utilization of solid fluoride-containing waste materials generated by the aluminum industry

The Russian National Aluminium - Magnesium Institute - VAMI , St. Petersburg, Russia

  • M. Sc. in Metallurgy

Specialization: Physical Chemistry and Metallurgy

Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute (National University of Science and Technology ), Moscow, Russia



Hiking, skiing, photography, video

References available upon request